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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Change background of your photo using android phone.

Changing the background of your photo is a fun entertainment. Usually, we change the background of a photo using photoshop or any other photo editor on the computer. Have you ever tried to change the background image of a photo through your android phone? If no, you probably don't know about the application PhotoLayers〜Superimpose,Eraser. 
PhotoLayers application is the best background changer application available on the android platform. It is very simple to use this application. You need to download Background image from somewhere else like google images or any other websites. Or you can use your own photo from your camera. However, If you need to change the background of a photo through your phone. Follow these steps
Download and install PhotoLayers〜Superimpose,Eraser on your phone.
Open the application and select Load a photo(which you want to change the background) to start.  You can select from anywhere on the phone or cloud. Once you opened a photo you can crop it. You can adjust the color if you want. then you can remove/erase the current background simply by touching it on the background. You can import the new background image by selecting add photo option or background option.  You can adjust the size of any layer easily by selecting on its edge. It is that simple to use this application.
The picture shown above is the editing that I tried.  Pic1 was the orginal image. Pic 2 and Pic 3 is the result after changing the background using the PhotoLayers application.
The application is available on google play store. It is used by more than five million users on the android platform. The app has a 4.4 star rating on playstore. The main attraction of this application is the easiness of using it. You can compare this application with photoshop background editing on PC. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Yatra App. Book flight, bus, train tickets at cheap rate

If you are a regular traveler, you must try this application. Yatra application is one of the best travel app which helps you to book Flight, Bus, Train and hotel. The app also helps you to manage your trip too. The app also supports a website service too. The main attraction of this application is discounts on flight charges and home stays. The yatra app is completely free and it is available on both android and iOS.

Product Features

Flight Booking: You can search any domestic or international flight tickets and book one way or round trip with a huge discount at ticket price through Yatra app.
Bus Ticket Booking: Search and Select your bus ticket from over 1500 bus operators on more than 15K bus routes (that is to anywhere) in India. You can choose different types of buses. That is Seater, Sleeper, AC, Non AC Deluxe, Volvo.
Hotels: You can do a quick searching from 61000 different domestic Hotels.
You can also book Homestays, Cabs, Activities, Holiday Packages, Autos
One of the main attraction of Yatra app is e-cash. You will get e-cash for inviting your friends to use this application. You can spend up to 20% of your booking fare with this e-cash.
My Bookings: View all bookings - upcoming, completed and canceled trips even in offline mode. Cancel your tickets - Save travel details to simplify bookings. Do web check-in and check PNR status - Check flight cancellation & rescheduling charges 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Smule - Sing Karaoke android | iOS

Smule is a wonderful application which helps you to record your singing with karaoke. You can sing any song that you like. Smule provides every song's karaoke on their server.  You can sing or watch singing of other people from this application. The app is exactly like a recording studio on your pocket. You should use a headset to improve the quality of the recording. Many people become famous with smule application.
There are many videos, sang by others with awesome talent, available on this application.
There are two options to sing a song on this application. 
1. Buy/Activate VIP(pro version) privilege: You can activate VIP access in smule app with an amount of Rs.55 for one month or Rs.550 for one Year. If you have VIP access you can sing any song in the smule app.
2. Earn Credits by watching Ads. You will get 5 credits for watching a video ad. You can select a song once you have 35 credits.
3. You can Join to any song which is created by any other users. 
This application is the best karaoke app available both on android and iOS. While creating a recording you can choose video or audio mode. The application is very simple to use. The app has a very simple and  Easy user interface. There are many famous celebrities who are using this application. Smule app has more than one billion users in almost all languages.
This application is the best app to show your singing talent. You will get any songs that you like to sing. 
 Download Smule for iOS 
Download Smule for Android

Thursday, 11 May 2017

DigiLocker Android app

Ever thought that it would be easy if there was a locker which can hold Your Driving Licence or SSLC book. If yes, you have it now.
DigiLocker is a key step to Digital India.  DigiLocker is Government of India's flagship program which is aiming at transforming India into a  digitally empowered Society. The target of this application is paperless governance. With DigiLocker you can save your documents like adhar card, Licence, Vehicle Registration Documents, LPG subscription Voucher etc. The application is created by the team of Gov. of India. The application has more than 5million registered users and 7 million uploaded documents and one billion issued documents. 

Main uses of DigiLocker
  1. Once you register, You can access every document with this app from anywhere you want. ie,
  2. You can get your CBSE academic certificates from digilocker
  3. Digital LPG subscription is available on digiLocker now.
  4. Get your Digital Adhar Card on your digiLocker.
  5. Store your Driving Licence and Vehicle Registration Certificates on DigiLocker.

How to setup DigiLocker.  
  1. Download the DIgiLocker android app from Playstore.
  2. Open the application and register with your mobile number on the application.
  3. Enter your adhar number and sync it with the server.
  4. Get the documents which you want from the issuers.
  5. When someone asks you your Documents you can share those through DigiLocker app to the requester.
  6. Those Documents can be verified by the Requesters (other authorities).

Monday, 1 May 2017

Sync your facebook friends's photos with their phone number on your Contact.

Can you stand it when you look into your phone contacts? because all of your friends' contact photos are replaced by letters.isn't it? Because they won't have one Contact image until you set up a photo manually. Here is a solution for it.that is  Sync.ME
Sync.ME is an application which will automatically sync all of your facebook friends' contact photos with your Phone contact photo. And It does really good. All you need to do is download app from google play store or iTunes or AppStore.
Once the application is installed, you can open it and it is very easy from there. Just click on the big button on the center of the home page and the app will start syncing photos. But before it starts you may have to choose your facebook account/google plus account (Which you want to sync with your phone contacts.).  Once you setup the facebook account the app will automatically download and save the contact photos in your phone memory.
The application is available on both Android and iPhone. On google play store the app is downloaded by more than 2million users. The application has an average rating of  4.5 stars overall. The app interface is really user-friendly. And the overall design is perfect.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Call and chat with strangers through walkie app -Android|iPhone

Ever wonder is there is an application to talk to strangers without providing any of my personal details? Well if you need that kind of application, here is a very good suggestion. "Wakie: Talk to Strangers and Random chat with people"
The Wakie app is too cool to use. You can simply create a chat topic and broadcast it to the application. All users in the application can see your broadcast, and they can chat with you or call you. You won't need any money to use this application or call. The application is completely free. 
The main goal of this application is that you can talk to genuine people. Blocking and reporting people is too easy in this application. Each time when we disconnect a call the app ask for a rating of the user. If you want to report the user that you just talked, give a 1 star rating. 
The calling feature on this application is also 5star rated. You can enjoy unlimited crystal clear calling with this application. Even if you are using a low bandwidth data connection, you will get a minimum quality for the calling feature.
App user interface is pretty good. Easy to create broadcasts, comment, block, report, call, Like etc. The application is available on both android and iOS devices. The application has more than one million users on android and an average rating of 4.2 stars.
Note: Before you download this application, there are some rules. 
1.There is no personal harassment through this app.
2.No sex chat
If you try any of these things, You may get banned from using this application. Otherwise, you are cool.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Name Art for android and iphone users

Name Art is a way to draw your Name or other words in a beautiful canvas. You can write your name or anything on a photo on a plane canvas in very beautiful fonts. Name Art application helps you to create Name arts with more than hundred different fonts and smiles. You can create name arts and save it on your device storage. Many people are using Name art Pictures as their profile pictures on facebook or other social medias.
With this application, you can create Unique, Beautiful and Awesome profile pictures. You can create different profile pictures for each new days. Provides heart emojis in different colors and different types to show your feelings. You can share all the images directly inside from this application. 
It is really easy to use this application. The application has a very simple user-friendly User Interface. The application is available for android and iPhone. But the better version is on android. The application has a 4.5star rating on android. And is downloaded more than one million times. On appstore, the application is rated 4+. Since the application is free the app developers show ads on this app. But sometimes these ads are too annoying. If you turn off the mobile data, You can avoid the ads from the application.