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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Best offline Map for Android and iPhone

Here Maps is one of the best offline navigation application available right now. The application provides high accurate information about map and navigation. The application is completely free with detailed navigation. HERE WeGo - City navigation & Offline maps app provide up to date and more active accurate traffic information and navigation routes. The best thing is you can use it online or offline. If you need to use the offline map, you need to download certain area as offline. You can download a complete state map. Comparing to other offline maps, here maps takes much lesser amount of space on your phone's memory.

HERE WeGo application contains details of transport information in 1300 cities around the world.  Get to anywhere you need to go via subway/metro / underground, bus, bike, train, tram, or ferry. Some applications like TripAdvisor are also using Here apps.
The application is very simple to use. You can browse any place on earth. Or simply search any place where you want to go. And get directions easily. The application is available on both android,iPhone and windows phones. More than ten million users are using here maps. And the application has a 4.4-star rating on google play store.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Mouse Running Through Android Screen-Prank

Mouse on screen scary Joke app is a funny scary prank application, which will show an animation of a rat on your Android phone's  screen. The mouse will be sniffing, running or looking around the phone. You can choose the side where the mouse should come. You can choose either of left, right, top or bottom side of your phone. You can also adjust the size of the mouse too. There are  Normal, large or huge sized animations. But I recommend normal size. It makes you feel the mouse is real.
This application also gives you some new information about mouses on each time you opens the application. The application really helps you to prank on your friends. So how could you prank your friends with Mouse on screen scary Joke app? Here is how: Take your friend's phone, then pretend like you are browsing the internet or something. Download and install Mouse on screen scary Joke app on his/her phone. Set Timer and close the scary app. give back the phone to your friend. When the timer stops the mouse will run on his phone and your friend will be pranked by you.

The application is very simple to use and it has more than one million users on google play. And this app is rated 4.1 stars rated. The movements of the mouse feel really natural and fluent. The animation won't interrupt any other apps so you can use this app as a screen saver if you like. You can open and work on other apps while the mouse is running.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

YouTube for Kids Official app from Google | Android | iOS

The best application for parents ever. Kids today are little more curious. Instead of physical playing, they are addictive to mobile games and YouTube. Kids are innocent, but there is some serious dark side in normal YouTube application. That is normal YouTube app is not designed for kids. So they will show adult or graphical contents/links inside YouTube. Here is the solution for it. That is YouTube Kids.
YouTube Kids is a free app which is specially developed for kids. The application is very user-friendly(for kids)  and everything is easier to scroll. All the buttons shown in the apps are big so that children can select them easily with their tiny fingers. All the videos play automatically goes into full screen. All the icons shown in the application are children friendly. Most importantly the YouTube Kids app offers a safer YouTube experience for kids. The app is designed to avoid videos which contain inappropriate for kids.

Once your kid started to watch some videos the app will automatically recommend other videos for your child. If you find any in appropriate videos for kids you can report that video to the developers and it will be removed instantly.
The YouTube Kids app have a special option to watch videos in different categories. Those are shows, music, Learning or search. The search option can be removed, but it will limit the videos to recommended videos.

There is no doubt that your kids will love YouTube Kids app. But there is a problem, If your child loves the app so much he/she would spend all day on the phone if he could. There is a solution for that too. You can set time limit which will close the application automatically to within a time limit. You can easily setup a timer.
The YouTube Kids app have 4.4-star rating on Google play store and iTunes. The application is available on both android and iOS smartphones. More than One Million users are using this application

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How to speed up your android phone without installing any apps

So you bought an Android phone with some impressive specifications, but now disappointed with how badly it lags today? Don't worry we have all been there. So here are some tricks that will help you to speed up your android phone. 

You can speed up your phone literally a lot by using the simple settings which are available in the developer options on your phone settings.  So at first, If you haven't enabled developer options on your phone enable it by navigating to settings then select About Device then you can see another option to see Build number. Tap on the build number 7 times to enable developer options. Once you activated the developer options you can see the developer options on the main device settings on top of the About device option.
Now go to Developer options, Go to the sections drawings. There you can see Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. All these animation scales are 1x for default. Turn those animations off or reduce the animation speed to 0.5x.  This will help you to load every action on your phone without animations or with animations in a very little moment.

Now go to app section on the Developer options. You can find a check box or switch saying Do not keep activities. Turn on that option, so that all the unwanted activities will be destroyed as soon as the user leaves it. Most lagging issues will be solved when you do turn on this option. But note one thing, if you turn on this option, apps like facebook or WhatsApp will automatically turn off from the background. so they won't show any notifications anymore.

There is another option in app section called Limit background processes.  What this basically do is that limit the number of apps on the number of process running in the background. You know that android is a multi-tasking operating system so it can run an unlimited number of applications in the background until your ram fill up. Running applications on the background will help you to switch between apps and multitasking.But it also affects the speed of the system(phone) in a very bad way. By using Limit background processes you can control the number of processes or apps running in the background.
Doing the above process must speed up your device in a way better than lagging. Hopes this trick helps you. Share this articles with your friends if you enjoyed the trick. 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to hide photos with password protection | Android | iOS

Have you ever had a moment where you give your phone to someone and thought "Oh god, I hope they don't open gallery!".Well if you have, then you should read this article. When it comes to android or iOS smartphones, keeping our private/personal photos on the albums or gallery on the smartphone is not safe. There is no security on the gallery app. If someone opens the gallery they can see all the images on your phone. So how to hide your private photos on your smartphone?

Download and install Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault application from google play or iTunes. The application is available on both android and iOS platforms for free. It is a safe Vault app on your phone.You can trust this application so is 50 million other users are. 
At the first time, when you open the application, you will have to give some permissions and set a pin number/pattern/finger print password on Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault app. After you set the pin number the app will ask you an email id, which will help you to recover the pin number, in case you forgot the pin. Once this process is done your safe vault is ready to use. You can hide Images, Videos, and Documents with this application. To hide your media import the images or pictures through the app. It is that simple. Note: If you import files to the Vault, you can see those medias only through this Vault app. The original files which were detecting on gallery will disappear. After using this app for a long time, I can say that  Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault application is the best media vault application for smartphone users, and you can trust this application 100%.
Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault have more than 50 million users. and it has 4.6 rating in google playstore and iTunes.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Watch ISL final with your smartphone | Android

Love football? Love ISL? Love Kerala Blasters? If your answer is yes I have a very good news for you. Here is an android application which will help you to watch ISL final live telecast on your android phone. This is a  sports tv application. You can watch almost every sports live telecasts with your phone if you installed this application. With this application, you can watch ISL live from anywhere. Streaming is very fast so you can enjoy the streaming in good quality even when you are own a low bandwidth network. If you have Jio sim you won't feel any buffering too, 
The application also gives you notifications about new matches or sports related news. The application is free and supports ads. This app does not need any supporting applications to work live streaming. 
To see ISL final match final, you have to install the application. After installation open the application and go to Live TV. There you can see a list of coming matches or live matches. Select INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE. You can see ISL Live-1,ISL Live-2,ISL Live-3,ISL Live-5. Check on each of them one after another. You can see live ISL final match on any one of them.
You can also check out Live Score, News, and TV schedules with this application.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to recover anything from your usb drive or memory card.

Do you need to recover your lost data from your pendrive or memory card? Use the best software (recuva) recover anything from your memory card or usb disk.
To recover data from memory card you need a memory card reader and a computer.  Connect your memory card to the computer using memory card reader. To recover data you need to use the software Recuva. You can recover almost every type data with recuva. It will be easy if the content was deleted recently. otherwise you need to deep scan your drives.

How to use Recuva
  1. Download and Install Recuva first.
  2. After installation you can recover your data with recova.
  3. start recova and you can see  a help window skip that window and you will goto another window  like this, asking that 'what kind of file do you need to recover?'
  4.  Choose your option from that and click next.
  5. Now you will get a window to select the memory card which has the deleted data.
  6. Click Next and you will directed to the window to start scan.
  7. Check the box Enable Deep Scan  and click start, so you will get the best output.
  8. There will be 3 stages of scanning, and it may take some minutes to complete the scanning process.
  9. After scanning you will get the list of recoverable data  in a window like this.
  10. The green ones are the files which are 100% recoverable. Select them and click Recover option.