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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Reduce file video size -Video Dieter


Here is a   nice application which allows you to reduce the size of any video in your mobile phone. When we try to send videos on whatsapp , if the video is big we will lose our precious time and mobile data . To avoid this we can use the application called Video Dieter, which is available on google play store and itunes. So you can use this application in your android smartphone and iphone.
The application also allows you to capture images from videos and change background music of the videos.The conversion of videos from large file size to small file size will affect the video quality , but it maintain  a quality.

Monday, 28 December 2015

How to Use 3 WhatsApps in One Android Phone


There are lots of way to install more than one WhatsApp To use  3 whatsapp in one mobile you need to install 3 Apps in your Phone . Those Apps are
  1. WhatsApp - Real WhatsApp application
  2. OG WhatsApp - WhatsApp dual app
  3. Disa  - WhatsApp + facebook

You can get download link for  all these apps from below.
The Disa is Available in playstore . Using Disa you can also use facbook messenger inside that app.
To use 3 whatsapp in your android phone you just need to install these Apps and login to those with normal but Disa is a different from other WhatsApp apps ,
Download OG WhatsApp
Download Disa 
Download WhatsApp 

Saturday, 26 December 2015

How to get details and owner name of any Motor Vehicle in Kerala?


Simple, goto the offical website of Motor Vehicle Department Kerala

There is a menu "Information Services" select "Vehicles Details"

Then there will be a pop up window saying that the web address is unsafe but don't worry, it is safe so select the Advance options and proceed to the site.

There will be a text box to type the Registration Number of the vehicle. Type the Reg no( KL-32-H-5564)

You don't need to enter the Chassis Number, Just click on the "Get" button . That's it Now you can see the Details

Go to Motor Vehicle Department Kerala
Go to Motor Vehicle Details Direct

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Scientific Calculator App for Android


Forget about buying a new Scientific Calculator. Download the best Scientific Calculator on your android mobile. You can do your  every calculations with RealCalc Scientific Calculator. The app is just 580Kb size and it is 4.5 Stars rated on google play. The app is much better than the Scientific Calculator you buy from store. Download and install the application it is completely free.

RealCalc is intended to look and work precisely like a genuine hand-held number cruncher. It has all the standard exploratory capacities in addition to history, recollections, unit transformations and constants. You can look over various presentation styles and designs. It additionally underpins parallel, octal and hexadecimal figurings and has a discretionary RPN mode. RealCalc is anything but difficult to utilize, however has full help incorporated into the application.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Mobile Data Saver - Android Opera Max


Opera Max saves you data, extending your data plan and gives you unparalleled control over your phone’s data consumption. This data-management & data-savings app saves 3G / 4G / LTE and Wi-Fi data usage by up to 50%.
Save data by compressing videos, photos and media in your favorite apps and websites over mobile and Wi-Fi networks - without any noticeable loss of quality. Opera Max also helps to save battery and data by allowing you to block any apps running in the background without your knowledge.
 This is an era of 4G Internet access. While using 4G or  3G network the mobile data is vanishing fast. Where does these data gone? Most of the mobile data is wasted while we watch videos from Youtube like channels and browsing sites like facebook.We can’t prevent loosing data while downloading a file . If there is a file with 25Mb we will lose 25Mb mobile data anyway. But when we browsing sites and streaming youtube we can prevent loosing mobile data, Opera Max Helps you to save Mobile Data.
Download Opera Max -Data Saver

Monday, 21 December 2015

Get Cricket News instantly-Android Cricket news


Good News for cricket lovers , Now you can enjoy all news about cricket and get live cricket scores instantly. Download "Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News", and enjoy . View  results of all matches.

Download Cricbuzz from playstore now
Features of Cricbuzz
  • Live cricket score updates and ball by ball text commentary that helps you visualize the action.
  • Match Timelines and Twitter Timelines in the Commentary page (Match Center)
  • Match alerts via push notification service - so that you don't miss THE moment
  • Latest cricket news and editorials - to keep you posted on the latest happenings.
  • Current Matches page - To help you follow all live matches in one place.
  • Upcoming matches - what's up for tomorrow, next week, next month?
  • Series Home - Complete coverage of any major series/tournament in one place.
  • Results of recent matches - in case you want to look at the scorecard of a game that you recently missed.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Create your Resume or CV in Android


CV or Resume is an important document, which is required by a candidate who is looking for a job. It is important to have a well-developed and professional  Resume. This free resume creator application called "My Resume Builder" will help you accomplish to make the perfect CV or Resume. Utilizing My Resume Builder, CV Free Jobs or Free Resume Maker or free educational modules administrator a building apparatus you can be guaranteed of creating a professionally outlined and arranged resume easily.

App features

  • Start creating resume now made easy
  • 10 different free resume formats 
  • Step by step guide to create job winning Curriculum vitae ( CV ) / Resume
  • PDF version of the Curriculum vitae ( CV ) / Resume
  • Edit, Delete your Resume Quickly
  • Packed with industry standard professional resume templates 
  • Opportunity for creating several resumes to adapting a profession you are applying for
  • Save the resume and use it as per convenience
  • With this free resume maker you have the ability to update Curriculum vitae ( CV ) / Resume for future use

Friday, 18 December 2015

Never lost your Android phone- install This Application


What would you do if your phone is lost? Don't worry there is a lots of way to find your mobile if it is Android.You can locate your phone via Android Device Manager. or you can use the application Wheres My Droid , this is the best phone finder app in google play store. The application is rated 4.5 stars by 100000 people.And Millions of users using it now. Install this application and forget about losing your phone.

Features of this app is listed below.

  • Find phone using GPS location
  • GPS Flare - Location alert on low battery
  • Text your attention word
  • Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
  • Notification of changed SIM card or phone number
  •  Stealth Mode hides incoming text with attention word
  • White/Black list to control who can use the app via text 
  • No battery drain

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Speedometer GPS


Realy nice application gives you the 99% accurate information about the speed while you travel. The app will show your speed. I tried this app with my motor cycle and both the speedometer was showing the same speed. While you are traveling in a train or  bus there is no option to know how much is your speed. But with this app it is simple. trun on the gps and start the app the app will show you the speed, distance and the path you are traveling.Must download.
You can check the speed of your Running ,Cycling,Traveling in a bus,train,car , motor cycle.

99% insurance you will get the accurate speed.
Download Speedometer GPS

Monday, 14 December 2015

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free +Timer - solve math to snooze alarm


Install this app and enjoy the features can set the alarm to slowly increase in volume and wake you up gently .There is an extra-large snooze button to prevent you from selecting ‘dismiss’ accidentally so you don't have to worry about that.
Another attraction is that ,Force yourself to solve math problems in order to snooze/dismiss the alarm. Also you can even have the snooze duration decrease in time after every snooze and set a maximum number of snoozes and you can choose your favorite music,  Random song alarm.You can also Set a maximum number of snoozes and then Auto-snooze or Auto-dismiss.

Download the app from playstore now.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Instant News for smartphones - Daily News, eBooks & Magazines -News Hunt


Get instant news on your smart phone , Daily News is an application which gives you all the news, with images in your phone instantly. You can get news in your mother language, the application supports about 15 languages including Malayalam and English.You can browse local , national , international news through application.

This is a liteweight app which never make you phone slow.Because of the push notification service you will get all breaking news instantly.
There are many different  categories which includes Entertainment , News , Videos , Business, LifeStyle, India, World ,Science,Tech, Astrology, Religion, Employmnt, Education etc. You can also select news editions from India, Bangladesh,Africa,Sri Lanka,UAE and Nepal.
The Name of this app is officaly News Hunt but in Android playStore It is known as Daily Hunt.

Download Daily Hunt now for Andorid.  
 Download Daily Hunt now for Iphone.  
 Download Daily Hunt now for Windows. 

How to hide WhatsApp images and Videos from gallery in android?


  • Browse, download & read the largest collection of regional language eBooks. Read authors including Surendra Mohan Pathak, Chetan Bhagat, Rajesh Kumar, Sudha Murthy, Kannadhasan & Deepak Chopra as well as international authors
  • Choose from thousands of free ebooks such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to Alice in Wonderland
  • Easily shop for ebooks, including new releases in every category including New York Times® best sellers
  • Buy individual chapters for select books instead of full book
  • Read mobile optimized magazines & magazine singles(single articles) from leading magazines like Saras Salil, Caravan, Stardust, Champak, Savvy, Grihshobha & Manohar Kahaniyan
  • Pay using your mobile phone in addition to your credit/debit cards - Buy eBook using your mobile operator. Available for Indian customers only

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Malayalam Jokes and Proverbs


A good application for Malayaliees which contains about 600+ Malayalam Jokes ,150+ Malayalam Proverbs, 70+ Kusruthi Chodyangal.The app don't need internet connection.The jokes are displayed in Malayalam font.

Categories of jokes are given below.

  1. Sardar jokes
  2. Namputhiri jokes
  3. Tintumon jokes
  4. Other classic jokes
The app contains some 'chali(valippu)' also but the application is a best time killer.You can enjoy a lot. Have fun.

Friday, 11 December 2015

TripAdvisor - Tourist place review corner


This app provides genuine reviews about tourist  places.TripAdvisor makes it easy to find the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants , wherever you go. You can also book for hotels, restaurants and flights through this application.


  •  Browse millions of reviews, opinions, videos and candid photos by travelers
  •  Find the best hotel for you, including Travelers' Choice award winners
  •  Explore restaurants by food type, price range, and rating
  •  Discover cool things to do in any destination
  •  Compare airfares and find great deals 
  •  Use Near Me Now to discover options near you
  •  Get answers to your specific travel questions in the forums
  •  Add your own reviews and photos.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Instabridge free wifi password sharing community


Download Instabridge now and join the world's most popular app for finding and auto-connecting free wifi. The Instabridge app acts as a “SIM-card for Wi-Fi”, allowing you to seamlessly connect to wifi spots that have been shared by other members of the community. As soon as you download Instabridge, you can connect to a range of free wifi spots, where ever you are, keeping you online for free.

Click here to Download InstaBridge
Note : This is not a wifi password hacker tool. It is a community where people share public and personal wifi passwords. You can find nearest free wifi connection,You can also share a wifi password if you like.

How to use facebook and whatsapp messengers inside one app in Andorid?

Download Instabridge free wifi password sharing community now Click Here

Sunday, 6 December 2015

How to increase volume and sound quality in android


Not all android phones are coming with good speakers  or high voliume levels. For some phones we feel poor audio quality or low sound coming out through the headset or speaker. We would like to increase the volume but the system won't allow.
Here is a solution for that , install "Music Volume EQ" in your phone and adjust the volume level perfectly. After installing this application, we can increase volume of headset double. The application is available in google playstore.
download Music Volume EQ from playstore

You can controll the Media  volume with  Music Volume EQ through following features

  • Five band equalizer
  • Bass boost effect
  • Virtualizer effect
  • 9 equalizer presets
  • Save custom presets
  • Stereo led VU meter
  • Home screen widget
  • Lock media volume

Enjoy the Music :)