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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Cambly, A useful app


It is a well-known saying that ‘No Book Can Replace a Living Teacher’. The statement holds really true as the teacher is able to share the practical knowledge with the student and in addition to this, the teacher also helps in correcting the student wherever he goes wrong. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to have a living teacher. Another popular saying is that Practice Makes the Man Perfect and this is also true when it comes to learning a language. We across an application that can help you in practicing the language with a live person which helps you in learning the language with a lot of ease.
Let us look at the features of Cambly so as to understand the usability of the application.
Features of Cambly
  1. The application helps you in doing a video chat with a native English speaker which can help you in improving the English to a great extent. The native English speaker can hold a conversation with you in English in real time and the speaker can also correct you in real time which surely helps a lot.
  2. In this application, there is no requirement for you to book the appointment with the English speaker to learn the language. You can simply open the application and someone or the other will be online who would help you in learning the language.
  3. The application is a favorite tool for the students who are appearing for the exams like TOEFL, IELTS, TEFL, TOEIC or TESOL. This helps them in learning the accent as well as practicing hearing skills which are quite necessary for the exams.
  4. The best part about the application is that it can provide you support for 24×7 and this is a great add-on when compared with an actual offline tutor.
  5. All the tutors on the application are verified and they are mostly student, teachers, writers, business people or actors who have a great command over the language. This may or may not be the case when you opt for an offline tutor.

In terms of the general review, the application has received a general rating of 4.4 stars and in addition to this, the application has received over 12.6 thousand 5 star reviews along with over 1.8 thousand 4 star reviews. The recent update of the application was released on 24 October 2017 and in this update, the developers update the support for the video chat which optimises the application for better use. Moving ahead, the application has been installed by 5 lakh to 10 lakh users and the only system requirement of the application is that it requires Android 4.2 and above. In addition to this, the application is developed and offered by Cambly Inc. which is a highly reliable supplier of high quality applications.
If you are planning to download the application and improve your English then click on the download link mentioned below and you will be redirected to the application page on Google Play store.
Download From Google PlayStore

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Hidden Screen Recorder: Application Review


All of us have a little spy kid hidden inside that wants to do all kinds of mischief out of fun. Whether you want to secretly videotape someone for fun or for serious purpose to reveal the wrong doings of someone, the Secret video recorder app can come handy. Some people love video recording as a pass time but the truth is, this can be a powerful tool if you want to reveal the true face of someone or use the recorded event as an evidence to seek punishment for the guilty.

The Secret video recorder app is an amazing mobile app that has some really cool features. To start with, this is an app camera that allows you to carry out video recording in the background. It also comes with the options to enable or disable the sound of shutter sound. It can also do the same for camera preview.

There are many useful functions that help you to continue video recording when the screen is off. You can also use the app to schedule a particular time for recording videos. There is a one click Video Recorder shortcut which makes it extremely easy to use the app. It is a one click widget and it supports more than 50 different languages.

Highlights of the Secret video recorder app:

  • It can be used to record unlimited number of videos
  • There is no camera shutter sound so this means you can record silently
  • There’s no video preview option
  • The app gives you the support to save the video on external SD card
  • It comes with a neat material design
  • There is on touch start and stop video recording ability
  • It can easily support video orientation
  • The app can record even when you are on a call
  • You can turn off the screen and continue video recording even in background mode
  • You can set the schedule to record video at a particular time
  • It comes with support for front and back camera
  • You get full HD video (1920×1080) recording with this app
  • It offers easy to configure time, video quality and camera
  • You can enable or disable the screen messages and notifications when using the stop/ start recording feature
  • The recorded videos can be synced with Google drive so that you can find the videos even if you misplace your phone
  • There is a quick record feature using the screen widget
  • You can show or hide the videos from the Gallery
  • The video can be protected using the pattern lock screen
  • The folder is easy to open and contains several folders
  • Check for free storage space available before you start recording

This mobile app is absolutely amazing and the features make it highly useful. If you love recording videos and really want to try something new and exciting, this app can be useful. This app is available for free, just check to ensure that is compatible with your device.
Click on the download link given below and then click on the install button to get the Secret Video Recorder app on your mobile phone.