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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Captrue the photos of your whatsapp snoopers


CMSecurity is a very good applock + antivirus application which is avilable in android google play store.This application has the higest rating in the section of Antivirus applications. That includes 11,920,457 five star reviews. CM security also provides lock protection which has an  awesome working. Unlike other Lock apps CM security  provides an easy protection .

 The applock will shows only one time for one app after the screen turned on , that is if you unlocked applock for once the applock will not show again till screen get turned off. Also the app will capture the image of snoopers who try to unlock your applock or locked whatsapp. The image of the snooper who tried to unlock your app will be forwarded to your email address immediately. The application also contains a memory cleaning activity which shows and delete junk files in the storage. Application also allows you to clean your browsing history.

Download CMSecurity for Android


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