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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Earn free recharge By installing free Apps.


Everybody love to get free recharge. If you are an Android phone user, there are plenty of apps which will give you free recharge. Here I recommend some of them which I have earned a lot.


mCent is a great way to get free airtime by  installing and sharing Android application. The application gives you money while you installing android apps using mcent. You will get average 5 rupees for installing one app. mCent also allows you to gift recharges to your friends or family too.
Download mCent now.

Task Bucks

Task Busks is also gives money to install and sharing apps. But unlike mCent, Task Bucks provides money if you do some tasks. Eg : watching an ad/website.
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POKKT app is also gives money just like mCent do. Install apps which are recommended by POKKT, invite friends to join pokkt will give you free recharge.
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From my experience all these apps gives you free recharge. Enjoy :)
Download free wifi password finder for Android and iphone.
Use facebook and whatsapp messengers inside one messenger.


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