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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Download multiple whatsapp accounts for one Android phone


There are many  ways to install more than one WhatsApp To use  3 whatsapp in one mobile you need to install 3 Apps in your Phone . Those Apps are

  • WhatsApp - Real WhatsApp application
  • OG WhatsApp - WhatsApp dual app
  • Disa  - WhatsApp + facebook

You can get download link for  all these apps from below.
The Disa is Available in playstore . Using Disa you can also use facbook messenger inside that app.
To use 3 whatsapp in your android phone you just need to install these Apps and login to those with normal but Disa is a different from other WhatsApp apps , Here is a simple tutorial which shows how to use Disa.

Download OG WhatsApp
Download Disa 
Download WhatsApp
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