Unknown uses of apps

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Application to spy another iPhone with your phone


This is an application which will help you to monitor your partner's phone. The application allows mutual montoring that can be used as :
  1. A GPS Tracker-where you can share and read locations of each other through GPS monitoring.
  2. A Call Tracker-Monitoring and log of SMS
  3. A SMS Tracker- Monitoring and log of SMS
  4. A Contact Tracker-you can read each others phone book.
GPS tracker and Contact Tracker are only work with iPhone to iPhone,but Call tracker and SmS tracker works with all phones. The name of this application on appstore is mCouple.

How to start Facebook  / GPS Tracking /Call tracking  /SMS Tracking  Tracking you will need to:

  •  install the couple tracker app onto your phone.
  •  Register your mCouple account and get a personal ID. Have your partner do the same. 
  •  To start mobile tracking, you should send a request on your partner’s phone using personal ID of your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. (check it on the personal information page)
  •  Begin mutual monitoring! (Wait several minutes for monitoring updates to begin to start tracking: SMS Calls, GPS and Facebook in real time)

Download spy app (mCouple) for iPhone