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Saturday, 9 April 2016

How to hide your details from true caller


Most of us are using true caller. But we don't like that showing our details on truecaller for other people. How can we prevent truecaller from showing our details to others.?
There are two ways to hide our personal details from truecaller. The first way is offical and another one is a Trick.

1.Officially  change your details from TrueCaller Database.
 If you what to change your details from truecaller You need to deactivate your TrueCaller account.. You can't use TrueCaller services with your own number(which you are going to hide from TrueCaller ) anymore.
after Deactivating your account uninstall trueCaller from your phone.Then follow these Steps.

go to http://www.truecaller.com/unlist
enter your phone number on the unlist form
type the capta
Click on the unlist or tick button.
Thats it your phone number will be removed from truecaller database within 48 hours.And your name or picture will not be shown if some one searches your phone number on truecaller.
2.A simple trick to hide your phone number for truecaller.
Create a truecaller account with fake informations. That's it your phone number will show as you wish on truecaller.
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