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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Learn spoken English with your iPhone


Do you like to improve your spoken English ? you can train your pronunciation and speaking skills. Just listen, repeat & compare with your iphone and SPEAK ENGLISH app.
"Speak English" is an app which will help you to improve your English speaking skills naturally and easily.Listen, Repeat & Compare! It's easy, fun and works in the same way as you learned your first language.
Choose from a variety of topics,  for example:
Pronunciation , Basic English,  Job Interview,  Presentations, Customer Service

How does This App  works?
1. The app  read a phrase to you. (Listen to it as often as you like)
2. Repeat the sentence and record yourself
3. Play your recording back and compare your pronunciation
Repeat this process to perfect your English. Improve your fluency, train your pronunciation and learn some great phrases and vocabulary.
Learn anywhere, at your own speed.
The app allows you to learn english from anywhere

 Download the Learn English app for iPhone


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