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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Monitor and block unknown devices which are connected to your wifi with mobile app


Now you can see and monitor who/how many  other devices  are connected to the wifi network in which wifi network you are connected too.With  the help of your Android Application "Fing-Network Tools". This application is fast and accurate. You can find out all details of every devices which are connected to your wifi network. Also you can ban the unknown or unwanted devices from using your wifi network. To know how to block other people from your network continue reading till the bottom of the page.

Download Fing Network tools from Playstore
How to block unfamiliar or suspicious devices from your wifi network

If any of the devices connected to your network is unfamiliar or suspicious, your can banish it forever. The Fing App shows you the MAC address of each device connected to your network , Copy this number.

  • Then  enter your router IP into the browser in your mobile or any computer which is connected to the network, then enter your router login details on the next page
  • After logged into your router you need to find the Security options . It may be hidden on the Advanced Settings, Open Security option.
  • Find and click MAC Filtering, and click on Add Device
  • Here you need to enter the MAC address of the device you want to ban in the MAC field, give it a name if there is such an option, then click Apply, Save or OK
  • Done now you have blocked that device for ever from Accessing your Wifi.  

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