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Friday, 20 May 2016

Automatic Wallpaper Changer for Android users


This is an awesome application, where you can download lots of wallpapers and you can set timer to change the wallpaper of your phone  automatically. Name of this application is WallPaper Changer . The app also allows you to change the wallpaper quickly by clicking on a widget on your screen too,

Features of Wallpaper changer application:

  • Easily add images or whole folders
  • Change wallpaper with a timer, on each lockscreen unlock, through a customizable widget or based on different rules
  • Widgets: change to next wallpaper in rotation list, select the wallpaper you want to see or change the album* with one click
  • Ordered rotation or random list
  • Very low battery consumption
  • No ads
  • Muzei integration


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