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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Resume / CV builder for Android


CV or Resume is an important document, which is required by a candidate who is looking for a job. It is important to have a well-developed and professional  Resume. This free resume creator application called "My Resume Builder" will help you accomplish to make the perfect CV or Resume. Utilizing My Resume Builder, CV Free Jobs or Free Resume Maker or free educational modules administrator a building apparatus you can be guaranteed of creating a professionally outlined and arranged resume easily.

App features

  • Start creating resume now made easy
  • 10 different free resume formats 
  • Step by step guide to create job winning Curriculum vitae ( CV ) / Resume
  • PDF version of the Curriculum vitae ( CV ) / Resume
  • Edit, Delete your Resume Quickly
  • Packed with industry standard professional resume templates 
  • Opportunity for creating several resumes to adapting a profession you are applying for
  • Save the resume and use it as per convenience
  • With this free resume maker you have the ability to update Curriculum vitae ( CV ) / Resume for future use

Download My Resume Builder,CV Free Jobs 



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