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Saturday, 15 October 2016

How to find phone in silent mode?


We obviously put our smart phones into silent mode and forgot where we left it. There is a permanent solution for this problem. The reason we don't find our phone is because its on silent mode. If we can change the profile from silent to louder we can find it out easily. So how to ring your phone  in silent mode?
The permanent solution for this problem is install Ring My Droid application on your android phone.  This application have only one page(Activity) where you should set a text phrase. You can type any word as key phrase. After you set that key phrase, next time when  you loose your phone in silent mode. Send a message(SMS) key phrase to your phone from any number. Once the phone receives the Key Phrase as a SMS message, it starts to ring even if it is kept of silent mode! After the it is just a matter of following the sound and finding your phone back.


  1. The default Key Phrase is set to RingMyDroid. Change the keyword to whatever you want and click the 'Set' button.
  2. Don't share the key phrase with your friends, or anybody else, because they can send sms and  set off your alarm any time.


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