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Monday, 31 October 2016

Mobile Data/Wifi log | Internet Speed Meter


Internet Speed Meter Lite App shows your internet speed on the status bar and shows the daily traffic usage in notification. With this app you can easly monitor your network connection anytime while using your device. The application also shows the separate status for Mobile network and WiFi network  for the last 30 days.
The size of this application is just 1Mb and more than one million users have already installed the application. The application is less battery consumer. The application is completely ad free. The application has 4.5 star rating from 205,990 users.
This application is completely free. So the developers have created a pro version app with some extra features.

Pro App Features
You can see upload and download Speed with pro app.In Pro app version when you tap on the notification, a notification dialog will appear. The notification dialog will contain  time and usage of current session, graph to monitor last minute internet activity, today's app usage for mobile and wifi and realtime speed of running applications.
And there are so many other freatures are available on Pro version. But pro version costs Rs:30(~0.45$) per install.
Download Internet Speed Meter Lite(free)
Download Internet Speed Meter Pro(Paid)


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