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Sunday, 20 November 2016

How to read whatsapp Messages without sender know. | Android


If you are a Whatsapp user, you would know that  if you see two blue check marks     near to your send message the recipient has read your message. On group messages these check marks are shows when each and every recipients  on that group read that message.  Some times we wouldn't like to show  this check marks to other people. Some situations like, if you didn't reply to the sender, and the sender see the blue ticks and understand that you saw the message and feels ignored by you. So how to avoid the blue ticks on whatsapp? even after you read the messages. Here are some tips.

1. Disable the Read Recepts option from Whatsapp settings.

This is the simplest way to avoide blue ticks(check marks). By disabling this option you can read all the messages from any sender and they can not understand that have you seen that message. The disadvantage of this method is that "The read recepts option for you too will be also disabled." That is, you can not understand any of your messages  have been saw by the recipients. And even if you disabled this option  read recepts are always send to group chats. 
Steps for How to disable read recepts option from whatsapp.
  1. Launch whatsapp and go to 'Settings' from menu. (You can find menu by touching menu icon on top right corner on the action bar)
  2. Select 'Account' and then goto 'Privacy'  
  3. On Privacy option you can see a check box with label Read Receipts. Uncheck that box.

2. By turn off the Internet (Offline message Reading).

This is also a simple method. But you can not chat immediately with anyone becouse this method goes with whatsapp offline. How to do this trick:
  1. Turn off mobile data and wifi networks.
  2. Then Close whatsapp from recent applications.
  3. Turn on mobile data or wifi.
  4. Do not open whatsapp. Let receve all messages from the server. After receving all messages turn off mobile data and wifi.
  5. Open whatsapp and read the receved messages. And send reply if you want.
  6. After sending reply, Close whatsapp. then close it from recent applications.
  7. Then Turn on mobile data or wifi. Wait for some time to sync whatsapp with its server. and repeat the same proceedures to send and recive messages. 
  8. When using this offline message sending method you can avoid both read receipts and last seen time on whatsapp.

3. By using Whatsapp widget.

Use default  whatsapp widget on your home screen. With whatsapp widget you see all new messages  without opening whatsapp.

How to add whatsapp widget?
  • Goto home page of your launcher. Tap and hold to view add widget options.
  • If you have installed whatsapp messenger app, you can find the whatsapp widget on add widget option.

4.Read from the notification bar

When you have closed whatsapp.Whatsapp will shows all messages through notification bar. you can read latest six or seven unread messages through notification bar with out opening whatsapp messenger application.


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