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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Montior other peoples Whatsapp account | Andoid


Do you want to monitor your child's WhatsApp? You can simply hack their whatsapp if you can  access his/her WhatsApp(which you want to hack) just for 10 seconds. The hacking process is very simple. Download 'Whatscan for WhatsApp web' application from play store. This application is going to help you to hack whatsapp. Basically the Whatscan application helps you to use Whatsapp for web on your mobile phone. But we can use it to monitor our child. Or wife. I am recommending this application only for good purposes. For example, Watch your child's whatsapp account to lead him to a good  fortune. Or to monitor your wife's(or husband's)  whatsapp to know that she or he is cheating on you.  You can also use this app to use 2 whatsapp number's on the same phone.

Steps to hack whatsapp

Step 1: Download 'Whatscan for WhatsApp web' application from play store. 
Step 2: Turn on internet. Mobile data or wifi. internet connection is must.
Step 3: Open Whatscan application on your phone. Then you can see a QR code on your phone's screen. 
Step 4:(This step should be done as fast as you can). Open Whatsapp on Targeted phone (which has the whatsapp account you need to monitor). After opening target's whatsapp account go to Options -> whatsapp web. Then an activity will start with that activity you can scan QR code from your phone(which is displayed on Whatscan application). 
Step 5: Scan the QR code displayed on your phone with Targeted Phone's Whatsapp web option.
Once the scanning process is done., you can access the targeted whatsapp account whenever the target's phone has active internet connection.
You can  use whatscan app only if both phone's (Your phone and Targeted Phone) have active internet connection.
Unlike other whatsapp hacking tools. You can trust Whatscan application more. Because it is available on google play store.

How to avoid hacking your whatsapp account?
If you have any doubt that is your phone is monitoring by anyone else. go to whatsapp web option on your Whatsapp account. Select "Logout from all computers".



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