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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Best free Music Download app in android and iPhone


Everybody loves Music. In this smartphone era with High-quality phones and headset, we can enjoy music from anywhere. In new smartphones, there are plenty of music players. But most people does not know how to download free music easily. Most people copy music from their friend's phone with the help of xSender or Bluetooth. 
But the easiest way to download Free music is by using android/iOS apps. There are lots of android apps are available in play store or Appstore which lets you download Music. Here is a nice music app  which will help you to download music for free.  This application is available on both android and iPhone.The only limitation of this app is that you cannot transfer mp3 file from your phone to anywhere else.

Gaana –  Bollywood Music & Radio

This is a free software which will help you to download free music in any language(English + Indian).  With this application, you can also enjoy Regional Music & Radio Mirch online.  The application gets high downloads because it has an option, through which you  can browse songs depends on your mood.  You can stream songs or download it. If you download any songs through gaana you can play that song offline, Note that you can not see or share the mp3 files without gaana app.
Dedicated song selections are available for top languages. There are thousands of playlist are available, which is created by other Gaana users. Enjoy music based on artists or albums.
The application has more than 10 million android users and one million iOS users. The application is rated 4+ stars on both iOS and Android app stores. Gaana app has some in-app-purchases for some extra features like Ad free Music experience, Music in high definition audio quality and etc. But we can say that this is one of the best free music downloader application for android and iOS.


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