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Saturday, 10 December 2016

How to change app icon and label in android with one minute


This is a fun app which will help you to change or customize app icons and home page on your android phone. The application interface very simple and easy to use. Name of this app is Awesome icons. The application has 4.1 star rating on google play. You can change the icons and labels for any app and save that shortcut  into your home page. 
There are other apps available for the same feature but this is the better app. The reason is the simplicity of this app. You can change app icons with seconds.

You can choose your own customized icon if you want. Or the awesome icons app provide many themes and icons for free and in-app purchase. That is you can download icon packs from the Play store and mix icons freely from any of them. 
One best and easy way to create your own icon is to draw your own icons on paper and use the camera app to capture an image. You can edit that image with editor inside this application.
One advantage with this app is you can hide your personal apps from others.  The application does not require any root permission.


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