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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to hide photos with password protection | Android | iOS


Have you ever had a moment where you give your phone to someone and thought "Oh god, I hope they don't open gallery!".Well if you have, then you should read this article. When it comes to android or iOS smartphones, keeping our private/personal photos on the albums or gallery on the smartphone is not safe. There is no security on the gallery app. If someone opens the gallery they can see all the images on your phone. So how to hide your private photos on your smartphone?

Download and install Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault application from google play or iTunes. The application is available on both android and iOS platforms for free. It is a safe Vault app on your phone.You can trust this application so is 50 million other users are. 
At the first time, when you open the application, you will have to give some permissions and set a pin number/pattern/finger print password on Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault app. After you set the pin number the app will ask you an email id, which will help you to recover the pin number, in case you forgot the pin. Once this process is done your safe vault is ready to use. You can hide Images, Videos, and Documents with this application. To hide your media import the images or pictures through the app. It is that simple. Note: If you import files to the Vault, you can see those medias only through this Vault app. The original files which were detecting on gallery will disappear. After using this app for a long time, I can say that  Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault application is the best media vault application for smartphone users, and you can trust this application 100%.
Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault have more than 50 million users. and it has 4.6 rating in google playstore and iTunes.


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