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Friday, 2 December 2016

How to protect WhatsApp account from hackers.


The first thing that you should now that it is very difficult to hack a WhatsApp account. Most people lose their WhatsApp account confidentiality is because of their own careless. When you give your phone to someone else, they can access your WhatsApp if the application is not password protected. They can also access the WhatsApp media files from gallery or file manager. Another way to hack your WhatsApp account is by using WhatsApp for web option.

There are plenty of android apps available on google play store to use WhatsApp for web option in a bad way. If someone downloaded any of those apps and scanned the QR code to use WhatsApp on the web from your phone, they can access your WhatsApp from their phone whenever your phone is connected to the internet. In this same way, they can also monitor your WhatsApp on their personal computer. 
If you forgot to log out from  WhatsApp on the web after your use from any other computers, All those people who can access that computer can monitor your WhatsApp account. Not only monitor but also they can send, delete and download your personal messages just like you can. 

Follow these Methods to protect your WhatsApp account from hacking.
1. Do not hand over your phone to anyone else.
2. Add some extra security to WhatsApp, gallery, file managers by using good App lock applications. 
3. Log out from all computers by clicking " Log out from all computers " option  on WhatsApp web. to do this follow these steps.  

  • Open Whatsapp 
  • go to options and select Whatsapp web 
  • select Log out from all computers
4. Do the step 3 every night before you sleep.
5. Do not hand over your sim card to anyone  for any reason. If they got your sim they can access your WhatsApp account by generating new OTP.
6. Do not use applications like gbWhatsapp, Disa or any other 3rd party applications. 

Hope this information was useful for you. Stay safe. :)


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