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Thursday, 29 December 2016

YouTube for Kids Official app from Google | Android | iOS


The best application for parents ever. Kids today are little more curious. Instead of physical playing, they are addictive to mobile games and YouTube. Kids are innocent, but there is some serious dark side in normal YouTube application. That is normal YouTube app is not designed for kids. So they will show adult or graphical contents/links inside YouTube. Here is the solution for it. That is YouTube Kids.
YouTube Kids is a free app which is specially developed for kids. The application is very user-friendly(for kids)  and everything is easier to scroll. All the buttons shown in the apps are big so that children can select them easily with their tiny fingers. All the videos play automatically goes into full screen. All the icons shown in the application are children friendly. Most importantly the YouTube Kids app offers a safer YouTube experience for kids. The app is designed to avoid videos which contain inappropriate for kids.

Once your kid started to watch some videos the app will automatically recommend other videos for your child. If you find any in appropriate videos for kids you can report that video to the developers and it will be removed instantly.
The YouTube Kids app have a special option to watch videos in different categories. Those are shows, music, Learning or search. The search option can be removed, but it will limit the videos to recommended videos.

There is no doubt that your kids will love YouTube Kids app. But there is a problem, If your child loves the app so much he/she would spend all day on the phone if he could. There is a solution for that too. You can set time limit which will close the application automatically to within a time limit. You can easily setup a timer.
The YouTube Kids app have 4.4-star rating on Google play store and iTunes. The application is available on both android and iOS smartphones. More than One Million users are using this application


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