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Thursday, 29 December 2016

YouTube for Kids Official app from Google | Android | iOS


The best application for parents ever. Kids today are little more curious. Instead of physical playing, they are addictive to mobile games and YouTube. Kids are innocent, but there is some serious dark side in normal YouTube application. That is normal YouTube app is not designed for kids. So they will show adult or graphical contents/links inside YouTube. Here is the solution for it. That is YouTube Kids.
YouTube Kids is a free app which is specially developed for kids. The application is very user-friendly(for kids)  and everything is easier to scroll. All the buttons shown in the apps are big so that children can select them easily with their tiny fingers. All the videos play automatically goes into full screen. All the icons shown in the application are children friendly. Most importantly the YouTube Kids app offers a safer YouTube experience for kids. The app is designed to avoid videos which contain inappropriate for kids.

Once your kid started to watch some videos the app will automatically recommend other videos for your child. If you find any in appropriate videos for kids you can report that video to the developers and it will be removed instantly.
The YouTube Kids app have a special option to watch videos in different categories. Those are shows, music, Learning or search. The search option can be removed, but it will limit the videos to recommended videos.

There is no doubt that your kids will love YouTube Kids app. But there is a problem, If your child loves the app so much he/she would spend all day on the phone if he could. There is a solution for that too. You can set time limit which will close the application automatically to within a time limit. You can easily setup a timer.
The YouTube Kids app have 4.4-star rating on Google play store and iTunes. The application is available on both android and iOS smartphones. More than One Million users are using this application

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How to speed up your android phone without installing any apps


So you bought an Android phone with some impressive specifications, but now disappointed with how badly it lags today? Don't worry we have all been there. So here are some tricks that will help you to speed up your android phone. 

You can speed up your phone literally a lot by using the simple settings which are available in the developer options on your phone settings.  So at first, If you haven't enabled developer options on your phone enable it by navigating to settings then select About Device then you can see another option to see Build number. Tap on the build number 7 times to enable developer options. Once you activated the developer options you can see the developer options on the main device settings on top of the About device option.
Now go to Developer options, Go to the sections drawings. There you can see Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. All these animation scales are 1x for default. Turn those animations off or reduce the animation speed to 0.5x.  This will help you to load every action on your phone without animations or with animations in a very little moment.

Now go to app section on the Developer options. You can find a check box or switch saying Do not keep activities. Turn on that option, so that all the unwanted activities will be destroyed as soon as the user leaves it. Most lagging issues will be solved when you do turn on this option. But note one thing, if you turn on this option, apps like facebook or WhatsApp will automatically turn off from the background. so they won't show any notifications anymore.

There is another option in app section called Limit background processes.  What this basically do is that limit the number of apps on the number of process running in the background. You know that android is a multi-tasking operating system so it can run an unlimited number of applications in the background until your ram fill up. Running applications on the background will help you to switch between apps and multitasking.But it also affects the speed of the system(phone) in a very bad way. By using Limit background processes you can control the number of processes or apps running in the background.
Doing the above process must speed up your device in a way better than lagging. Hopes this trick helps you. Share this articles with your friends if you enjoyed the trick. 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to hide photos with password protection | Android | iOS


Have you ever had a moment where you give your phone to someone and thought "Oh god, I hope they don't open gallery!".Well if you have, then you should read this article. When it comes to android or iOS smartphones, keeping our private/personal photos on the albums or gallery on the smartphone is not safe. There is no security on the gallery app. If someone opens the gallery they can see all the images on your phone. So how to hide your private photos on your smartphone?

Download and install Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault application from google play or iTunes. The application is available on both android and iOS platforms for free. It is a safe Vault app on your phone.You can trust this application so is 50 million other users are. 
At the first time, when you open the application, you will have to give some permissions and set a pin number/pattern/finger print password on Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault app. After you set the pin number the app will ask you an email id, which will help you to recover the pin number, in case you forgot the pin. Once this process is done your safe vault is ready to use. You can hide Images, Videos, and Documents with this application. To hide your media import the images or pictures through the app. It is that simple. Note: If you import files to the Vault, you can see those medias only through this Vault app. The original files which were detecting on gallery will disappear. After using this app for a long time, I can say that  Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault application is the best media vault application for smartphone users, and you can trust this application 100%.
Hide Pictures Keep Safe Vault have more than 50 million users. and it has 4.6 rating in google playstore and iTunes.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Watch ISL final with your smartphone | Android


Love football? Love ISL? Love Kerala Blasters? If your answer is yes I have a very good news for you. Here is an android application which will help you to watch ISL final live telecast on your android phone. This is a  sports tv application. You can watch almost every sports live telecasts with your phone if you installed this application. With this application, you can watch ISL live from anywhere. Streaming is very fast so you can enjoy the streaming in good quality even when you are own a low bandwidth network. If you have Jio sim you won't feel any buffering too, 
The application also gives you notifications about new matches or sports related news. The application is free and supports ads. This app does not need any supporting applications to work live streaming. 
To see ISL final match final, you have to install the application. After installation open the application and go to Live TV. There you can see a list of coming matches or live matches. Select INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE. You can see ISL Live-1,ISL Live-2,ISL Live-3,ISL Live-5. Check on each of them one after another. You can see live ISL final match on any one of them.
You can also check out Live Score, News, and TV schedules with this application.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to recover anything from your usb drive or memory card.


Do you need to recover your lost data from your pendrive or memory card? Use the best software (recuva) recover anything from your memory card or usb disk.
To recover data from memory card you need a memory card reader and a computer.  Connect your memory card to the computer using memory card reader. To recover data you need to use the software Recuva. You can recover almost every type data with recuva. It will be easy if the content was deleted recently. otherwise you need to deep scan your drives.

How to use Recuva
  1. Download and Install Recuva first.
  2. After installation you can recover your data with recova.
  3. start recova and you can see  a help window skip that window and you will goto another window  like this, asking that 'what kind of file do you need to recover?'
  4.  Choose your option from that and click next.
  5. Now you will get a window to select the memory card which has the deleted data.
  6. Click Next and you will directed to the window to start scan.
  7. Check the box Enable Deep Scan  and click start, so you will get the best output.
  8. There will be 3 stages of scanning, and it may take some minutes to complete the scanning process.
  9. After scanning you will get the list of recoverable data  in a window like this.
  10. The green ones are the files which are 100% recoverable. Select them and click Recover option. 

Monday, 12 December 2016

How to recover deleted photos from Android


Some times we accidently delete photos/images from our phone. It is not easy to recover from phone memory. Here is a very nice application, which will help  you to download deleted photos from your phone. 
Name of this application is "DiskDigger photo recovery". You can recover deleted/lost photos or images with this application easly.  The main advantage is that unlike other recovery tools you don't need to root your phone to perform recovery with this app. But if your phone is rooted some deep scanning methods are available with this app. While recovering photos you may see some video thumbnails from your phone. 
The application size is less than one Mb. More than one million users are using the application and 4star rated on google play store.I will say that the best photo recovery tool for no rooted device for free is this "DiskDigger photo recovery".  The app will work on Android 2.3 and higher versions.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

How to change app icon and label in android with one minute


This is a fun app which will help you to change or customize app icons and home page on your android phone. The application interface very simple and easy to use. Name of this app is Awesome icons. The application has 4.1 star rating on google play. You can change the icons and labels for any app and save that shortcut  into your home page. 
There are other apps available for the same feature but this is the better app. The reason is the simplicity of this app. You can change app icons with seconds.

You can choose your own customized icon if you want. Or the awesome icons app provide many themes and icons for free and in-app purchase. That is you can download icon packs from the Play store and mix icons freely from any of them. 
One best and easy way to create your own icon is to draw your own icons on paper and use the camera app to capture an image. You can edit that image with editor inside this application.
One advantage with this app is you can hide your personal apps from others.  The application does not require any root permission.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Best Free Video editor application for Android and iOS


Do you need to edit videos? or create a short film with your smartphone? Here is a very nice Video editor app which is available for absolutely free with greate features. Name of this application is FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor. The application is available for both android and iPhone users. 
We tried various video editor applications. FilmoraGo is the best free video editing application available on play store and app store. The application is very very easy to use. You can even use this application without the help of any tutorials. The interesting fact is that this application is free and it does not  stamp a watermark or place a time limit on your clip. 
You can use and export HD quality video clips through FilmoraGo. You can also use tools like Reverse play,add the overlay, Trim by Duration, Fast/Slow motion, Duplicate, Mute, Rotate. Hundreds of verity overlays and themes are available. Best output quality. You can also do  Dubbing with this application. From every side, We will say that this is the best Free video editor app for Android and iOS.
The application is rated with 4+ stars on play store and app store.  The application has more than one million users.
Note: If you are an iPhone user,unlike google play store you don't have many other options on free Softwares  especially in video editing. Don't think twice Download the application now.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to watch Live TV on android


Every one likes watching tv channel. Here is a simple tutorial which will help you to stream live tv channels in almost every languages.

To stream live tv to your android phone, you need to install 2 applications. Those  are 1. xmtv player, 2. gomax Live. After downloading these two applications, You need to install them. And before opening gomax app, open xmtv player and agree the terms and conditions. Use gomax only after accepting the terms and conditions of xmtv player, other wise the gomax app won't work properly.
The gomax application is the one which we will use to watch live channels. The xmtv player is using  as an engine for gomax application. Inorder to stream in best quality you must install both of these two applications. All the channels are completely free on this application. You can enjoy more than 30 malayalam channals and many other channels with gomax. Do you like  radio channel? With gomax you can listen to many live radio stations too.
These applications works in android 2.2+ platforms. To stream the application does not take too much time. Since the streaming is not High Definition (HD)  the app streams live programs with a minimum speed. 
Download gomax tv 
Download xmtvplayer

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

How To Run Multiple Accounts of Every Android App


Do you want to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same android phones? or use 2 facebook accounts on the same phone? or use two twitter accounts on the same phone? Here is the solution. 

Use Parallel Space- Multi Accounts app in your phone and enjoy every application with multiple accounts. The application is very easy to use and it gives us greater opportunity  to use different accounts from the same phones at the same time. This application is supported in 24 different languages.  Parallel Space application asks too many permissions while installing because it asks for other applications.

Parallel Space clones other applications and creates a new space for it. But, don't think that Parallel Space will consume too much memory. The application does not nee too much memory for working. That is one of the main reason why they got 4.6 stars rating from more than one million users. The application has more than hundred million downloads on play store. 

Parallel Space is the first application virtualization engine on android.  You can create shortcuts for your second accounts and also you can delete the second application without affecting the first one. This application is a must for the people who uses 2 WhatsApp accounts. If you use 3rd party applications for use 2nd WhatsApp on the same phone you may get banned from WhatsApp. But when using Parallel Space app there is no problem. 

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Best free Music Download app in android and iPhone


Everybody loves Music. In this smartphone era with High-quality phones and headset, we can enjoy music from anywhere. In new smartphones, there are plenty of music players. But most people does not know how to download free music easily. Most people copy music from their friend's phone with the help of xSender or Bluetooth. 
But the easiest way to download Free music is by using android/iOS apps. There are lots of android apps are available in play store or Appstore which lets you download Music. Here is a nice music app  which will help you to download music for free.  This application is available on both android and iPhone.The only limitation of this app is that you cannot transfer mp3 file from your phone to anywhere else.

Gaana –  Bollywood Music & Radio

This is a free software which will help you to download free music in any language(English + Indian).  With this application, you can also enjoy Regional Music & Radio Mirch online.  The application gets high downloads because it has an option, through which you  can browse songs depends on your mood.  You can stream songs or download it. If you download any songs through gaana you can play that song offline, Note that you can not see or share the mp3 files without gaana app.
Dedicated song selections are available for top languages. There are thousands of playlist are available, which is created by other Gaana users. Enjoy music based on artists or albums.
The application has more than 10 million android users and one million iOS users. The application is rated 4+ stars on both iOS and Android app stores. Gaana app has some in-app-purchases for some extra features like Ad free Music experience, Music in high definition audio quality and etc. But we can say that this is one of the best free music downloader application for android and iOS.

Friday, 2 December 2016

How to protect WhatsApp account from hackers.


The first thing that you should now that it is very difficult to hack a WhatsApp account. Most people lose their WhatsApp account confidentiality is because of their own careless. When you give your phone to someone else, they can access your WhatsApp if the application is not password protected. They can also access the WhatsApp media files from gallery or file manager. Another way to hack your WhatsApp account is by using WhatsApp for web option.

There are plenty of android apps available on google play store to use WhatsApp for web option in a bad way. If someone downloaded any of those apps and scanned the QR code to use WhatsApp on the web from your phone, they can access your WhatsApp from their phone whenever your phone is connected to the internet. In this same way, they can also monitor your WhatsApp on their personal computer. 
If you forgot to log out from  WhatsApp on the web after your use from any other computers, All those people who can access that computer can monitor your WhatsApp account. Not only monitor but also they can send, delete and download your personal messages just like you can. 

Follow these Methods to protect your WhatsApp account from hacking.
1. Do not hand over your phone to anyone else.
2. Add some extra security to WhatsApp, gallery, file managers by using good App lock applications. 
3. Log out from all computers by clicking " Log out from all computers " option  on WhatsApp web. to do this follow these steps.  

  • Open Whatsapp 
  • go to options and select Whatsapp web 
  • select Log out from all computers
4. Do the step 3 every night before you sleep.
5. Do not hand over your sim card to anyone  for any reason. If they got your sim they can access your WhatsApp account by generating new OTP.
6. Do not use applications like gbWhatsapp, Disa or any other 3rd party applications. 

Hope this information was useful for you. Stay safe. :)