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Friday, 17 February 2017

Android App to Listen all Kalabhavan Mani Hits Songs


Kalabhavan Mani was a South Indian film Actor and singer. He started his career as a mimicry artist and from there he performed over 200 films in Malayalam, Tamil Languages. He did created a parallel industry of Malayalam folk songs. He sang more than a 100 songs. Every one in Kerala liked him. He was an asset to the Malayalam nadan pattu industry.Kalabhavan Mani died on th night of 6th March 2016, aged 45.
Malayalalies can never forget Kalabhavan Mani and his songs. There are lots of websites which provides songs from kalabhavan mani. But many of them are paid and not updated. Here is a perfect working android application where you can here all Kalabhavan Mani Hit songs Online. It is a disadvantage that the app does not support offline option. And you can not download songs from this website. But you can buffer and play any songs you want. The developers of this app are tring to include the offline option on the application. 
The app has 5 star rating on Google play store. The application works perfectly on almost every android phones. The User Interface of the application is fine. But you can't control the songs from notification bar.
 Download Kalabhavan Mani Hits Songs on Andorid 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Speedometer GPS App for Iphone


Ever wonder how much speed is your driver taking? With Speedometer application, you can see the actual speed that you are traveling.
This is a really nice application gives you the 99% accurate information about the speed while you are traveling. The app will show your speed. I personally tried this app with my Bike and both the speedometers were showing the same speed. While you are traveling in a train or bus there is no option to know how much is your speed. But with this app it is simple. turn on the GPS and start the app the app will show you the speed, distance and the path you are traveling.Must download.
You can check the speed of your Running, Cycling, Traveling in a bus, train, car, motor cycle.

The application is simple to use. Very simple to use and it has very good user-friendly UI. You can see a very accurate and beautiful analog speedometer on your screen. If your car's speedometer is not working use this app. It shows exact output. This application is 4 plus star rated on iphone App store (itunes).
Download Speedometer GPS 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Lock only your personal chats from whatsapp


There are many applications to lock WhatsApp. But those applications locks WhatsApp application completely from other people. Is there any way to lock some personal chats or group chats with some password or number lock? The answer is YES.
How to lock personal messages from WhatsApp.
Download and install Whatsapp Chat Locker from google play store. This application is only available for android phones only. Using this application you can lock specific group messages or personal messages from Whatsapp. After installation, you need to go to the device settings and turn on the Accessibility Services for  Whatsapp Chat Locker. You can do this by following steps.
1. go to settings
2. select option "Accessibility  Services"
3. select option "Services"
4. Select "WhatsApp Chat Locker"
5. There will be a switch being off. Turn ON that option.
6. Done
Now you can open the application and set up a password protection. After password setup, you can choose the personal message which you want to lock. You can choose personal chats or group chats. The application works perfectly. Once you choose one or more personal chats with "Whatsapp Chat Locker", Whenever you try to open the personal messages You will see a lock screen like in the picture shown above. You can send or read those locked messages only if you entered the password correctly. 
The application has more than Ten Thousand downloads on playstore and is rated 4.3 stars by users. The app is very easy to use, and has a simple user interface to interact. This is a must app you should try if you are using whatsapp and you have secrets to hide.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to track milage of your vehilcle automatically.


MileIQ is an automatic mileage tracker that will have you ditching a paper log in favor of convenience and greater accuracy. People who need to log miles for business, or for personal reasons like for deductions on taxes, download MileIQ to save time and money. The application is available on iPhone and Android. The application is a product of  Microsoft. The app is very simple to use.
If you are self employed  you are probably keeping track of the miles that you drive, so that you can write them away from your taxes. If you are using a pen and paper or any other method for tracking, you are likely loosing money. When you miss just one trip, you may lose more than 250 rupees (or 5$). Don't make the mistake of not tracking your miles.
With MileIQ you can get money back in your pocket. When ever you get in your car / motorcycle and drive. The application will automatically turns on and detect the driving and then save the logs and calculations of your trip. You don't have to do anything. At the end of the month you will have all the informations that you need in a report. 
So how the application works? 
The application uses a smart drive detection technology to create a drive log on your smartphone to create drive log on your device(phone). Once you have truned it ON, The MileIQ does its duty. You never have to remember to track your trips again.
The application allows you to categorize your miles. It will ask you if your trip is bussiness or personal. You can choose it by swiping to left or right. If you forget, You can always go back and classify your trips later. The app will show notifications when there are trips to categorize. You can get weekly or monthly summaries of your milage logs. The application is 5 star rated on iTunes. and is 4.5 star rated on google playstore.