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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

How to track milage of your vehilcle automatically.


MileIQ is an automatic mileage tracker that will have you ditching a paper log in favor of convenience and greater accuracy. People who need to log miles for business, or for personal reasons like for deductions on taxes, download MileIQ to save time and money. The application is available on iPhone and Android. The application is a product of  Microsoft. The app is very simple to use.
If you are self employed  you are probably keeping track of the miles that you drive, so that you can write them away from your taxes. If you are using a pen and paper or any other method for tracking, you are likely loosing money. When you miss just one trip, you may lose more than 250 rupees (or 5$). Don't make the mistake of not tracking your miles.
With MileIQ you can get money back in your pocket. When ever you get in your car / motorcycle and drive. The application will automatically turns on and detect the driving and then save the logs and calculations of your trip. You don't have to do anything. At the end of the month you will have all the informations that you need in a report. 
So how the application works? 
The application uses a smart drive detection technology to create a drive log on your smartphone to create drive log on your device(phone). Once you have truned it ON, The MileIQ does its duty. You never have to remember to track your trips again.
The application allows you to categorize your miles. It will ask you if your trip is bussiness or personal. You can choose it by swiping to left or right. If you forget, You can always go back and classify your trips later. The app will show notifications when there are trips to categorize. You can get weekly or monthly summaries of your milage logs. The application is 5 star rated on iTunes. and is 4.5 star rated on google playstore. 


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