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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Lock only your personal chats from whatsapp


There are many applications to lock WhatsApp. But those applications locks WhatsApp application completely from other people. Is there any way to lock some personal chats or group chats with some password or number lock? The answer is YES.
How to lock personal messages from WhatsApp.
Download and install Whatsapp Chat Locker from google play store. This application is only available for android phones only. Using this application you can lock specific group messages or personal messages from Whatsapp. After installation, you need to go to the device settings and turn on the Accessibility Services for  Whatsapp Chat Locker. You can do this by following steps.
1. go to settings
2. select option "Accessibility  Services"
3. select option "Services"
4. Select "WhatsApp Chat Locker"
5. There will be a switch being off. Turn ON that option.
6. Done
Now you can open the application and set up a password protection. After password setup, you can choose the personal message which you want to lock. You can choose personal chats or group chats. The application works perfectly. Once you choose one or more personal chats with "Whatsapp Chat Locker", Whenever you try to open the personal messages You will see a lock screen like in the picture shown above. You can send or read those locked messages only if you entered the password correctly. 
The application has more than Ten Thousand downloads on playstore and is rated 4.3 stars by users. The app is very easy to use, and has a simple user interface to interact. This is a must app you should try if you are using whatsapp and you have secrets to hide.


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