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Monday, 20 March 2017

The best fastest android app to clean Junk files and boost RAM


Fastest Clean is a simple small sized phone cleaner app which also boosts your ram and gaming mode for your Android phones or tablets. The application optimizes your battery and saves battery life.
This app is very helpful and so easy to use. If your device is laggy then you need a ram cleaner. Use this app and it will clean the last bit of your ram without affecting downloading tasks. Some devices like Samsung galaxy series are too slow and freezes all the time. Use Fast clean and you will be amazed.
Unlike clean master, this app does not affect background downloading tasks. And it is not harmful to your device in any manner. Fastest Clean app stops unwanted apps which are wasting lots of power with a single tap. 
The application is very simple to use and it is used by more than 5 million android users worldwide.  This application does have a colorful user-friendly user interface. On google play store, Fastest clean app have a 4.5-star rating out of 5, Which is pretty cool. You can check your usage of your CPU on this app. and You can keep track of your Internal Storage and RAM. 
The app is 100% free to install and you can use all other features without any additional charges. But the app supports Ads. It is a little annoying that there are too many ads are showing. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Create vector art with Adobe Illustrator Draw


Adobe Illustrator Draw is a very useful application which allows you to draw vector arts. We all know the app developers (Adobe) With this application, you can create simple cartoonish images from an actual photo. The application is available on android and iOS platforms. Adobe Illustrator Draw puts vector drawing tools into a simple modern interface. So you can easily put your idea into a beautiful design. 
Best features of this app are: You can zoom an image up to 64x to apply finer details.You can sketch with five different pen tips.And also you can adjust opacity between the layers.Draw using multiple images or drawing layers. Each individual layers can be rename, merge duplicate, and adjust if you want.  
Note: Try to use a touch pen so that you can draw images as on a canvas.And alsoan editable native file to Illustrator   to Photoshop that automatically opens on your desktop. And you can work the same project on desktop to.

The application is free to use. You just need to sign in with your adobe account to use this application. The app interface is very user-friendly. We can work up to ten different layers. The application has more than one million users on google play store. And it is on the list of Editor's choice.  Adobe Illustrator Draw is 4.3 rated. You need android Jelly Bean or higher version to run this application.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sticky Notes + Widget memo for android


Ever thought that It would be much easier to remember things if there was a sticky note on your android phone? If the answer is yes, download and install this application(Sticky Notes + Widget memo).

Sticky Notes + Widget memo is an android application which works like sticky notes on Windows7 PC. You can create a note and stick it on your android home page. You will see that note whenever you come back your home page so you won't forget the thing which you stick on your home page.
You can create many notes as much as you need and you can stick it on the home screen. If you need to create a note and if you don't need to see it on your home screen. There is an option for that too. You can change the size of sticky note view. 

You can customize the notes with additional themes. Handwritten draw notes are available on this sticky note application.
The application size is just one Mb and Sticky Notes + Widget memo app is installed by more than one million users. The app is very simple to use. It has a very user-friendly user interface. The application will work on android 4.2 and up.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Changes on Jio Prime Membership Offers.


When Jio launched Prime Membership Offers at the first time, they told that you will get Unlimited free night data (2 a.m to 5 a.m). But now that offer has been canceled. Even if you are a Jio Prime Member or Normal member you won't get any night data offer for free.  If you are not a prime member you won't get any unlimited offers. Once your Data balance becomes zero, you should do an add on top-up to browse the internet. Add on top-up plans are starting from Rs 11.

Note that, if you are a Jio Prime Member, you should recharge your Jio Connection for at least 149 per month. Otherwise,  Jio may terminate your prime membership (Not sure that they will. But in their terms and conditions they have mentioned it). 

What happens if you won't recharge your Jio SIM after March 31?
You will get incoming calls and incoming messages for free. But after 90 days Your Jio services will be deactivated. If you want out going calls or Mobile Data you must recharge your Jio SIM.
Should You become a Jio Prime Member?
You Should. Because you will get Double data offers as a prime member.