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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Call and chat with strangers through walkie app -Android|iPhone


Ever wonder is there is an application to talk to strangers without providing any of my personal details? Well if you need that kind of application, here is a very good suggestion. "Wakie: Talk to Strangers and Random chat with people"
The Wakie app is too cool to use. You can simply create a chat topic and broadcast it to the application. All users in the application can see your broadcast, and they can chat with you or call you. You won't need any money to use this application or call. The application is completely free. 
The main goal of this application is that you can talk to genuine people. Blocking and reporting people is too easy in this application. Each time when we disconnect a call the app ask for a rating of the user. If you want to report the user that you just talked, give a 1 star rating. 
The calling feature on this application is also 5star rated. You can enjoy unlimited crystal clear calling with this application. Even if you are using a low bandwidth data connection, you will get a minimum quality for the calling feature.
App user interface is pretty good. Easy to create broadcasts, comment, block, report, call, Like etc. The application is available on both android and iOS devices. The application has more than one million users on android and an average rating of 4.2 stars.
Note: Before you download this application, there are some rules. 
1.There is no personal harassment through this app.
2.No sex chat
If you try any of these things, You may get banned from using this application. Otherwise, you are cool.


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