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Friday, 21 April 2017

Name Art for android and iphone users


Name Art is a way to draw your Name or other words in a beautiful canvas. You can write your name or anything on a photo on a plane canvas in very beautiful fonts. Name Art application helps you to create Name arts with more than hundred different fonts and smiles. You can create name arts and save it on your device storage. Many people are using Name art Pictures as their profile pictures on facebook or other social medias.
With this application, you can create Unique, Beautiful and Awesome profile pictures. You can create different profile pictures for each new days. Provides heart emojis in different colors and different types to show your feelings. You can share all the images directly inside from this application. 
It is really easy to use this application. The application has a very simple user-friendly User Interface. The application is available for android and iPhone. But the better version is on android. The application has a 4.5star rating on android. And is downloaded more than one million times. On appstore, the application is rated 4+. Since the application is free the app developers show ads on this app. But sometimes these ads are too annoying. If you turn off the mobile data, You can avoid the ads from the application.


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