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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Change background of your photo using android phone.


Changing the background of your photo is a fun entertainment. Usually, we change the background of a photo using photoshop or any other photo editor on the computer. Have you ever tried to change the background image of a photo through your android phone? If no, you probably don't know about the application PhotoLayers〜Superimpose,Eraser. 
PhotoLayers application is the best background changer application available on the android platform. It is very simple to use this application. You need to download Background image from somewhere else like google images or any other websites. Or you can use your own photo from your camera. However, If you need to change the background of a photo through your phone. Follow these steps
Download and install PhotoLayers〜Superimpose,Eraser on your phone.
Open the application and select Load a photo(which you want to change the background) to start.  You can select from anywhere on the phone or cloud. Once you opened a photo you can crop it. You can adjust the color if you want. then you can remove/erase the current background simply by touching it on the background. You can import the new background image by selecting add photo option or background option.  You can adjust the size of any layer easily by selecting on its edge. It is that simple to use this application.
The picture shown above is the editing that I tried.  Pic1 was the orginal image. Pic 2 and Pic 3 is the result after changing the background using the PhotoLayers application.
The application is available on google play store. It is used by more than five million users on the android platform. The app has a 4.4 star rating on playstore. The main attraction of this application is the easiness of using it. You can compare this application with photoshop background editing on PC. 


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  1. Wow! Love PhotoLayers application! PhotoLayers application is the best background changer application.
    Thanks a lot for sharing PhotoLayers application with us!

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