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Thursday, 11 May 2017

DigiLocker Android app


Ever thought that it would be easy if there was a locker which can hold Your Driving Licence or SSLC book. If yes, you have it now.
DigiLocker is a key step to Digital India.  DigiLocker is Government of India's flagship program which is aiming at transforming India into a  digitally empowered Society. The target of this application is paperless governance. With DigiLocker you can save your documents like adhar card, Licence, Vehicle Registration Documents, LPG subscription Voucher etc. The application is created by the team of Gov. of India. The application has more than 5million registered users and 7 million uploaded documents and one billion issued documents. 

Main uses of DigiLocker
  1. Once you register, You can access every document with this app from anywhere you want. ie,
  2. You can get your CBSE academic certificates from digilocker
  3. Digital LPG subscription is available on digiLocker now.
  4. Get your Digital Adhar Card on your digiLocker.
  5. Store your Driving Licence and Vehicle Registration Certificates on DigiLocker.

How to setup DigiLocker.  
  1. Download the DIgiLocker android app from Playstore.
  2. Open the application and register with your mobile number on the application.
  3. Enter your adhar number and sync it with the server.
  4. Get the documents which you want from the issuers.
  5. When someone asks you your Documents you can share those through DigiLocker app to the requester.
  6. Those Documents can be verified by the Requesters (other authorities).


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