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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

KM Player better than MX Player on Android


We can not even imagine a smartphone without Video Player. Watching offline movies are the favorite hobby of every living human being with a smartphone. Before smart phones where introduced, people were using laptops and tv's for watching movies and videos. There are too many websites those provide latest films and tv series which will let you download any films or videos download to your phone. The growing network providers also provide fast internet connections so that you can download any files within seconds.
Watching videos is one of the main uses of smartphones. There are lots of video players are available on Android.  On Android devices, the most popular video player is MX player. The MX player plays almost all videos. But some videos does not work on MX player. That is video formats like AC3, DTS sometimes some mp4 players won't work on MX player. The MX player also does not works some videos without any reason.

KM player was first introduced on Windows Operating Systems. And now they have shown their strength on Video Players on Android OS too. KM Player for Android is the best video player app. The application plays all video formats, the video quality is extraordinary when compared with MX player. The one and only disadvantage that there is no inbuilt subtitle downloader from the internet.  If you need to download subtitle you need to download it from google or any other websites. The KM player will let you to watch movies in BlueRay quality.  You will feel 100% enjoyment with high quality images. Functions like fast forwading or slowmotion are also introduced on KM Players beta version.  
KM player is very easy to use. The User Interface is very userfriendly. The application has 300 Million users currently. and is rated 4.2 star rated on google play store. the app will work on every Android 4.0.3 or higher.
At the same time there are too many people reporting on KM player's offical website that they are facing a problem on playing X265 sized videos.
KM player for windows is the second best video player application for desktop users. 


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