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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Spreaker Studio : user review


Smartphone carries apps for all the things you like, you can play Guitar, Piano or any other musical instruments just using the apps available in the Play Store. The real sound with variety sounds it real and good for the user and it becomes a good source of entertainment. Taking the overwhelming experience to live your dream to new heights, the Spreaker Studio App helps you to turn your Android device into a live Radio Show. Earlier mobile becomes a medium to listen to songs as mobiles were attached to radio stations in order to listen to songs and different featured radio shows.

The app allows you to command your own radio show with a podium and other settings that are required to run a radio show if you classify yourself as a good entertaining orator and want to live your dream as Radio Jockey. This app can help you to turn on your dream as the first step of interaction with friends and fans. You can record and pre-record the podcasts, the choice is available as you can add different sound effects available as an option from the list of features. AS radio stations carry the option of lots of music channels that can be played, you can choose the tracks from the app or from your music gallery in order to entertain your own audience. For more information about Spreaker Studio, you may click the URL

Go live Go Bold

You need courage and the right content rest is the headache of the app, you will be thinking where will I get the audience as your radio channel is not official and registered with the radio stations available to be tuned. The answer is social media, the podcast and shows you created or recorded with the option of editing can be shared to social media platform where millions of listeners will hear your experiment and lots of efforts. The option of the review will be also available, people can appreciate your work and guide you to do the task better, in order to interact better with the audience the option of live chat is available. While sharing your work, you can go live answer the question of audience and this can for sure help you to know what people want working in accordance to it. Isn’t all this exciting stuff with lots of positivity.

Highlighting features of Spreaker Studio

  1. The option to showcase your talent is available to record the show to upload later or with extreme confidence and negligible margin of error you can just go for the LIVE broadcasting.
  2. As Radio Jockey entertain the audience with sound effects of different sounds and tracks available, using the option in the Spreaker Studio you can entertain the audience.
  3. Most of the user will think with complex detailing the process will be difficult, well this is totally wrong as the app comes with Easy-to-use interface and tutorial.
  4. You are the solo boss so mixes up the voice and mix channels with an independent approach, whatever suits the channel go for it.
  5. You can choose the option of auto share, once the radio show is ready, it will be automatically shared on Facebook and other available social media platforms.



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