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Friday, 5 January 2018

WiFi monitor : Application Review


WFI Monitor is an application that allows real-time monitoring of all wireless networks that can connect to your device. The program analyzes the signal strength in dBm and displays the network status as a function of time — you can then evaluate even the variations in the quality of the connection “live”.

Based on the data generated by reports of WiFi Monitor, the user can choose the most powerful and stable network and thus avoid headaches testing due to a channel at a time. In addition to the signal strength, the download speed can also be monitored. See the IP of your network, the frequency and the type of authentication (security) and have a full diagnostic tool.

Complete reports

The app offers four categories of information about the networks that surround your appliance. In “dashboard”, the speed of your current connection can be verified. Graphics on the signal strength as a function of time can be granted in “Graph” and “list”, all networks that surround your device are displayed.

How to select the best channel? The option “list” displays at the top, the most powerful and stable network under “CH 1” – the best consecutive networks receive, each and ascending order, other denominations of channel (“CH”).

Connect to the best connection is easy: click on the tab “ratings” and check the number of stars of classification, taking into account also the private information of the channels listed in “list” and you’re done. Select the channel and use the frequency less contaminated by noise.

WiFi Monitor is a practical and intuitive application that enables the analysis of all the wireless networks that surround a wireless device. Information about the status of channels are listed in chart form, which facilitates the interpretation of the data even for users who have little experience in computers.

The design is an elegant and dynamic tool. Through colorful statements about the status of the network, WiFi Monitor is able to demystify technical aspects of wireless connections and do so with the best network available can be accessed. Authentication type, IP address and frequency of issue are items displayed by the app, ensuring safety to the user during the verification of the network.

Another highlight is the objectivity and the versatility of the tool even in a free version for testing: any limitation is imposed by the program in time for the evaluation. Avoid polluted by noise or unstable channels, select the network faster and get the most out of your online experience with WiFi Monitor.


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